Sceptre C248W 1920RN Monitor Review

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Verity of monitor are available around us but many people ask about the Sceptre c248w 1920rn Monitor Review. So our team also tested this monitor and here is the things that our team analysis in this monitor. Here we go!

Sceptre c248w 1920rn Monitor Review


Good image quality and reasonable price affects everyone. Sceptre 24 is  one of the few that comes with a reasonable price and good quality that impresses people. The single color and grayscale make it a unique monitor.

The stylish monitor is best for basic demands such as office or home. For some gaming value its 75hz refresh rate adds a bit of headroom. It has a place in the world of monitors due to its refresh rate and resolution.

This is nothing short of a dream for video gamers. it looks quite unique and more expensive than its actual coast. The lack of modern color adjustment in this monitor may disappoint you but  a VA panel with first rate shadeation spectrum and a 75Hz refresh rate, a step up from the 60Hz in maximum price range monitors.

They all percentage a non-implementing fashionable appearance that’s suggestive of a modest no-frills monitor. The 24-inch cupboard is all black supported through a stand with an oval-formed base.

The sceptre 24 sticks out for its price-triumphing combination of capabilities and performance.


It is designed for casual gamers. The edgeless bazel and silvar cupboard looks unique on any desktop.  The display has some usability adjustment options, with the assist of that very stand.

It lets in for a -five to fifteen levels tilt, however no top or swivel adjustments. The base is constructed with an oval base to fairly boom the floor region it rests on.

The curved 24-inch VA panel’s decision mazes at 1,920-by-1,080 and has a 16:9 thing ratio, that means it doesn’t conflict to show Full HD (1080p) video.

Other functions consist of a 5-microsecond gray-to-gray (G-to-G) reaction time, 250cd/m2 top brightness, 75Hz refresh rate, 1800R curve ratio and a 3M:1 evaluation ratio.

Inputs and presets

For facing back there are a variety of connectivity ports such as an HDMI, VGA, DC connector and a headphone jack. If you want to hang your monitor on a wall there are also four VESA mount holes. Besides, also a custom stand for a dual-monitor setup.

Plus, five small function buttons on the left side also helps you as long as  you are looking at them from behind. The amazing point of this is that it has an on screen menu that gives you a good selection of picture settings.

Its is not as expensive as other monitors such as Samsung or Asus and that’s a good point of this article. But you will not be able to get the advanced six color adjustment facility because this monitor has not this feature.


When it comes to performance, the monitor’s display comes first. The sceptre C248W-1920RN offers a soft and immersive viewing experience. In addition to having lots of display property and a curved display, the Sceptre C248W-1920RN is rated for 1800R curvature.

That method that identified the panel’s curve became to keep round to shape a circle, the radius shaped might be 1800 mm or 1.8 meters.

5ms refresh rate and VA panel technology delivers vibrant colors. Plus displaying amazing 1080p video and other content with effortless viewing experience.

Viewing-angles are good (now no longer the best, even though) for a 24-inch display, with little colour moving whilst regarded from any angle.

The panel does an awesome process at showing fast-shifting items, even though you’ll get a few lag in present day video games at excessive resolutions.

Input lag (the quantity of time it takes for the display to react to a controller command) got here at an excellent 13.7 milliseconds, which isn’t always far-aside from the competition.

Sceptre pays the C248W-1920RN as a gaming screen, however it’s extra or much less a productive screen that may be used for informal gaming. With the latest uptake of effective Nvidia GeForce 10-Series and 2019-launched RTX 20-Series snapshots cards, a 75Hz decision screen will now no longer be the best.

Gaming performance 

Sceptre 24 inch monitor specifications encompass 5 milliseconds gray to gray pixel reaction and 75Hz top refresh rate won’t suffice for plenty of games. As we know that screen tearing during playing games such as GTA V on pc and fallout on XBox 360 is a common problem.

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN screen’s  12.8-millisecond enter lag (time taken for the screen to react to a controller command) in all fairness short, even though it doesn’t beat the 10.6-millisecond popular for maximum finances monitors.

The screen consumes approximately 37 watts of strength even asset to Text mode and 33 watts even asset to Movie mode and a paltry 32.7 watts in Power Save mode.

Response time

Also, VA panels have the VA panels fine fits customers seeking out richer presentations over fast-moving presentations for gaming (photo pleasant of pace).

The Sceptre C248W-1920RN additionally flaunts a 5ms reaction time which makes this display an informal domestic and workplace display. Besides, the panel helps a 75Hz refresh charge which is likewise wonderful for domestic and workplace use.

Fast-shifting snapshots can also additionally seem blurry at this refresh charge and the panel can also additionally warfare with display screen tearing.

But there is a point for you. If you’re now no longer a gamer, none of this must rely on you. Why? Because even 5ms may not be enough for fast-paced video games and gaming in general, it’s miles quite top for visuals and regular use.

Thus the refresh fee isn’t sufficient to deal with maximum fast-paced games, Sceptre has to have protected any of that Adaptive-Sync technology to assist display movement fluidly. As you’ll notice, this Sceptre display does now no longer have one, however, it’s ok thinking about the audience isn’t for gamers.

Our take

This panel is a great reveal that now no longer presents top photographs nice however additionally supplies an immersive grayscale experience. just like different video display units this additionally comes with a price range-pleasant price.

It is a great preference for price range gaming, higher still, it could double as a complete cabin, a position revealed for video watching. Throw in a graceful design, and you’ve been given one of the best-searching mid-length video display units around.

As we’ve seen, this reveal comes with a number of capabilities however it additionally lacks a few capabilities. For instance, it lacks the adaptive sync generation and USB ports.

If anything, if you could neglect its minor mishaps, it’s a fantastic cost panel that must serve you correctly for years to come.

Is there a better alternative

Yes,There is usually a higher opportunity if you’re inclined to spend a bit extra. The ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q, for instance, is about $one hundred fifty extra.

For that little bit of cash, you turn out to be getting a higher comparison ration, a refresh price of 240Hz, Nvidia G-Sync compatibility and higher connectivity options.

If you are a graphic designer and require extra shadeation control, the BenQ SW2700PT is a higher option. It provides very correct colours, has superior six-axis shadeation modifications in addition to 14-bit LUT that permits you to carry out hardware calibrations.

Should i buy it 

Of Course, the sceptre C248W-1920RN is an amazing buy for both office and home or also best for entry level desktop gaming. It is a budget friendly monitor that delivers immersive viewing experience and unique design with better image quality.

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