Pet Sim X Values List April 2022 – Updated Pet Simulator X Value List

Easter Update is here! We’re presently adding all the new pets (PRICES WILL CHANGE A LOT). In the meantime, test out the Best Way to Farm Easter Eggs in Pet Simulator X!

Looking for an updated Pet Simulator X cost listing in Roblox? You’ve come to the proper page! Welcome to price town. We’ve got a whole list of all Pet Sim X pet values, in a filterable, sortable, and clean-to-study list.

We’ll be constantly updating this web page with the state-of-the-art values and most recent pets. If you’ve noticed a pet missing that you suppose ought to be added, or want to submit your very own puppy values, clearly go away a comment under and we’ll check it!

Pet Simulator X Value List

This is the primary Pet Simulator X value listing. The pets can be taken care of via most inexpensive to pricey, and filtered with the aid of Rarity, Source, and Demand score. You can also look for your favored pet.

There are over a hundred and eighty pets on the list so far. We haven’t blanketed each single pet in the sport, as a few are either currently unobtainable, untradable, or have a low fee because of how smooth they’re to acquire.

This can also be used as a value tier list, as the default ranking order is taken care of by using highest cost to lowest, based on the first-rate rarity of each puppy. However, while a brand new replace is released we’ll add all of the most modern pets to the top of the listing.

If you’re taking part in playing Pet Simulator X by means of Roblox and need to realize the maximum precious animals in-sport proper now – then you definately’ve come to the proper location!

In this newsletter, we’ve listed what the maximum treasured pets are (in Gems) that you may search out proper now, as players change their manner to having the most profitable animals viable.

This buying and selling system that the developers have followed allows the concept of trading pets to be more exciting in a bid to have your very own dream puppy!

Pet Simulator X Value List – Easter Pets and Prices

Green Marshmallow ChickComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Blue Marshmellow ChickComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Chocolate BunnyComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Chocolate DogComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Chocolate FrogComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Chocolate HippoComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Easter LambComing soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Huge Easter Cat5t5t5t5t
The Easter Bunny100m500m1b3b
Pastel Sock Corgi20m40m80mTBC
Pastel Sock Bear20m40m80mTBC
Pastel Sock Bunny20m40m80mTBC
Huge Rainbow Unicorn1.2t1.2t1.2t1.2t
Starfall Dragon27b27b27b27b
Huge Super Corgi1t1t1t1t

Pet Simulator X Value List – Pixel Pets Prices

Pet Normal Golden Rainbow Dark Matter

Pixel CatUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknown
Pixel Demon<50m Gems<50m Gems50-80m Gems>85m Gems
Pixel Wolf<100m Gems<100m Gems100-250m Gems>190m Gems
Pixel Dragon<600m Gems<600m Gems600m Gems>700m Gems
Huge Pixel Cat1.2t Gems1.2t Gems1.2t Gems1.5t Gems
Koala2b Gems2b Gems2.5 Gems3b Gems
Pony6.9b Gems6.9b Gems6.9b Gems7.5b Gems
Storm Agony19b Gems19b Gems19b Gems20b Gems
Huge Pony600B Gems600B Gems700b Gems900B Gems
Huge Storm Agony1.2t Gems1.2t Gems1.2t Gems1.2t Gems

Pet Simulator X Value List – Exclusive Pets

Normal Gold Rainbow

Huge Cupcake320B750BN/A
Huge Gargoyle Dragon280BN/AN/A
Huge Cat450BN/A1.5T
Huge Pumpkin Cat400B700B900B
Huge Festive Cat115B250B350B
Huge Santa Paws300B500B750B
Huge Forest Wyvern250BN/AN/A
Huge Hacked Cat250B500B750B
Signature Big Maskot50BN/A22.5B
Chest Mimic35BN/AN/A

Pet Simulator X Value List – Mythical Pets

Pet Normal Gold Rainbow Dark Matter

Phantom Wolf100,000,000200,000,00020,000,000N/A
Wyvern of Hades2,000,00010,000,00040,000,00080,000,000
404 Demon50,000,000100,000,0001,000,000,0005,000,000,000
Glitched Immortuus30,000,00070,000,000100,000,000210,000,000
Empyrean AxolotlComing soon.200,000,000500,000,000“Taking offers”

Pet Simulator X Value List – Legendary Pets

Pet Normal Gold Rainbow Dark Matter

3-Headed Dragon20,00060,000200,000N/A
Samurai Dragon35,000100,000400,000N/A
Hound of Hades60,000200,0001,000,000N/A
Empyrean Dragon200,0001,000,0004,000,000N/A
Glitched Unicorn2,500,0007,200,00023,000,00070,000,000
Glitched Phoenix3,000,0008,200,00025,000,00080,000,000
Storm Axolotl10,000,000Coming soon80,000,000Coming soon

Pet Simulator X Value List – Epic Pets

Pet Normal Gold Rainbow Dark Matter

Angry Yeti1,4004,00011,000N/A
Cheerful Yeti1,4004,00011,000N/A
Black Widow1,6004,50012,000N/A
Fire Horse2,0005,50013,000N/A
Enchanted Deer7,00011,00024,000N/A
King Cobra9,00015,00030,000N/A
Samurai Bull10,00040,00080,000N/A
Shadow Griffin13,00050,000150,000N/A
Hell Spider16,00060,000300,000N/A
Empyrean Snake40,000200,0001,000,000N/A
Heavenly Peacock20,000100,000500,000N/A
Empyrean Stallion40,000100,000500,000N/A
Empyrean Fox50,000300,0001,200,000N/A
Hacked Cat5,000,0002,000,00050,000,000400,000,000
Midnight AxolotlComing soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.Coming soon.

Pet Simulator X Value List – Basic Pets

If you are just getting started out in Pet Simulator X, offloading some of the rarer Basic pets can get you off on the proper foot. Right now, it’s the Dove you may need to appearance out for. If you manage to score a Rainbow version of the stunning hen, you could get around three hundred,000 for it. That’s not a horrific start in any respect.

Angel Dog7,00035,000150,000N/A
Angel Cat8,00040,000200,000N/A
Glitched Cat300,0001,000,0003,000,00010,000,000
Glitched Dog350,0001,100,0003,100,00010,500,000

When do Pet Simulator X Values Change?

Considering the substantial quantity of animals featured in Pet Simulator X, the valuation of the various animals changes over time.

The first-rate method to stay updated about this sort of changes is by using actively following the reputable Roblox organization of Pet Simulator X. We replace this listing frequently to healthy the common values players provide, request, and take delivery of in-sport, so that you possibly need to recollect pressing Ctrl+D and adding a bookmark to this web page. Checking again often for the today’s values will honestly hold you beforehand of the curve in Pet Simulator X.

In case you have got in no way given the sport a strive, don’t worry. You will actually want to move over to the reliable Pet Simulator X page on Roblox and click at the green play button to begin accumulating cash and hatching new pets.

People Also Asks

What is the rarest puppy presently in Pet Simulator X?

At the time of writing, the rarest puppy is the special Huge Pegasus – with only 12 presently known to be in the sport itself.

How often do Pet Simulator X values exchange?

As referred to above, there may be no particular in which the valuations of respective animals exchange and will fluctuate as time passes.