7 Best Vertical Monitor Review In 2022

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Why we make this list of best vertical monitors. Vertical monitors perform the same as traditional landscape monitors. The only difference is the mode of the monitor. Vertical monitors have more height then width so you can see far more on the page. It means it will show you the portrait view instead of the normal landscape view.

7 Best Vertical Monitor to Buy In 2022

These kinds of vertical monitors are used in a multiple computer setup because they are not very commonly used display types. In this article we will discuss some of the best vertical monitors available in the market.

So let’s begin to introduce some of the best vertical monitors available in the market.


1-ASUS VN279QL 27″  HDMI VGA Ergonomic Monitor

Asus VN279QL is a super narrow bezel design measuring just 8 mm full HD vertical monitor and it is a perfect choice of multi screen solution. If you are sick and tired with your old monitor, you can choose this flexible product for more comfortable viewing positions.

It is a VA panel LED monitor that can work both for vertical and horizontal modes. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and the response time is 4 seconds. This monitor is fit both for advanced gamers and professionals. The only drawback of this monitor is that it does not support syncing technology.

Maximum supported resolution is 1920×1080 and the aspect ratio is 16:9 that delivers a beautiful display. It has a dimension of 28.15×7.88×17.68 and the weight is 13.45 pounds. The operating systems best work on this monitor are Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac Operating System. It gives an ultra wide view within a super narrow frame.

The ergonomic design of the monitor supports effortless pivot, tilt, swivel and height adjustment. The Asus vivid pixel technology is used for crystal clear visuals. The 27 inches monitor displays a wider and better vision without compromising on comfort and style. It is constructed with high quality material and texture finish that makes it scratch free.

Ports included in these monitors are VGA, display port and audio ports while HDMI port is also available. Another unique feature is the presence of MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) function that is used to enhance viewing from mobile to monitor. These features best suit to use this monitor as a primary monitor or it could be used as a peripheral monitor. It has built in speakers into the frame which can be used for routine audio output.

The VESA wall mount compatibility of Asus VN279QL allows users to turn it into an impressive multi screen solution. You can easily put this monitor on your desktop or if you have limited work space then you can hang it on the wall with a wall mount arm. It comes with all necessary ports to connect it with peripheral devices.

2-Dell UltraSharp U2414H 23.8” Inch Screen LED Vertical Monitor

Dell U2414H widescreen LED Backlit IPS ultra-sharp monitor has a display size of 23.8 inches. As we all know that Dell is a leading technology brand and it always manufactures products according to the demand of the customers and offers reasonable prices to attract more customers.

This monitor offers high quality visuals for better viewing experience with an affordable price. The IPS display has proven the best quality color and viewing angles among the main types of display panels. These kinds of ultra-sharp monitors are in high demand among computer professionals, video editors, graphic designers and photographers.

It comes with all essential ports including display port, USB 3.0, mini display port and HDMI port for trouble free direct peripheral connectivity. It exhibits full HD that love all kinds of users irrespective of whether they are basic level or advanced level users. The maximum resolution of this monitor is 1920×1080 while the native aspect ratio is 16:9.

The pivot capability of this monitor supports both vertical and horizontal mode. You can use this monitor on a vertical mode as well as you can use it on a normal horizontal mode. It is a great energy efficient device and has met the energy star regulation having TCO certified and EPEAT Gold certified.

The refresh rate is 60 Hz while the response rate of the monitor is 8 milliseconds which might not be good for advance level gamers. If you are a serious gamer, then you might not be interested in this kind or performance. Think about this for a moment if you are worried about your heavy electricity bills because this monitor can significantly save your energy even if you use it for extended periods to time.

The MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) function allows users for quick and easy connection with their smartphone or tablet. It is also compatible with standard VESA mounting that is beneficial to use this monitor for multi display setup. It provides enhanced color accuracy as it covers 96% of the sRGB colors.

3-HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Best Vertical Monitor

HP VH240a Full HD LED Monitor is one of the best monitors for vertical orientation. It consists of a screen size 23.8 inches for broader view. With three sided thin bezels is a great option for multi monitor setup. The resolution of the monitor is 1920×1080 with 16:9 aspect ratios.

The anti glare matte IPS LED panel is responsible for crystal clear image quality. Working on this monitor at both landscape and portrait mode is very handy. You can easily pivot the monitor up to 90 degrees for vertical and horizontal mode. It is a superb quality product that is made for sophisticated computer users.

Refresh rate and response time are 60 Hz and 5 milliseconds respectively, which is quite reasonable for casual gaming but it cannot be recommended for advance level gamers. Another important factor that might affect games lovers is that it also does not have syncing capability.

Two integrated built-in speakers are used to enjoy a rich audio experience to play audio or video files and you can save your money to buy external speakers. It can rotate 90 degrees for horizontal and vertical viewing angles, tilt -5 to 30 degrees and adjustable height make it a comfortable 4 way ergonomic and mount capable monitor.

It is well supported by the standard VESA mounting pattern to hang up on the wall with the bracket. Fixing on the wall can save a lot of precious desk space. It has VGA, HDCP and HDMI port available on it for laptop or multi monitor setup connections. It is really a dynamic modern monitor with an affordable price.

The weight of the monitor is 10 pounds. You can use this ultra slim and productive monitor in your home or office. It includes 178 degrees wide angle viewing to display an extraordinary quality without considering that where you sit. The bottom line is that if you are looking to buy a monitor with pivot capability, ergonomic and VESA compatible then you can choose this one.

4-Acer CB241H bmidr 24” Monitor with Tilt/Swivel/Pivot/Height Adjustment

Acer CB241H bmidr 24 inches is a versatile monitor to use for vertical mode. It is a stylish ultra-thin monitor display. A full HD 1920×1080 resolution allows users to enjoy high definition entertainment on widescreen. You can experience stunning and crystal clear visuals with fine details.

The reliable performance enhanced the productivity of your work. The friendly design protects your environment. It is an Energy Star compliance product that saves energy up 67% then the normal monitors. It also reduces your electricity bill to consume less energy.

This monitor is fully pivot capable which means you can use in both vertical and horizontal modes. The refresh rate of this monitor is 60 Hz while excellent response time of just 1 milliseconds makes it a good choice for professionals and advanced level gamers. The TN panel type viewable area is 24 inches and pixel pitch is 0.276 mm.

It features multiple inputs of DVI, HDCP, VGA and HDMI for quick and easy connectivity with a vast array of peripheral devices especially notebook and smartphone to expand them on a bigger screen. Moreover, a Kingston lock slot is also available to protect your monitor from unexpected theft. So what’s the problem?

The only problem in this monitor is that it does not have the capability to support any kinds of syncing. Its two built in speakers can work for normal audio files but not great for serious entertainment purposes. The bezel of the monitor is relatively thick and could be less supportive for a multi display setup.

By contrast it is compatible with the VESA hole pattern which means that you can easily fix it on the wall to save your desk space. It will be much easier to adjust the height and the angles of the monitor. The higher standard of color accuracy can be achieved with its 6-axis adjustment feature that is much appreciated by photo enthusiasts.

In essence, if you are looking to buy a monitor having low response rate, VESA compatible and with all necessary connectivity options then Acer CB241H can fulfil your requirements.

5-Acer ET241Y Abmir 23.8″ IPS Zero Frame Monitor with Tilt/Height Adjustment

Acer ET241Y Abmir Full HD IPS Zero Frame Monitor is a great option to use it in a vertical mode. Actually this versatile monitor has fully pivot capable and can work in both vertical and horizontal mode. The widescreen LCD display is a combo of style and functionality.

You can enjoy the high definition entertainment with its stunning 1920×1080 resolution. The swift response time of 4 milliseconds makes it the best choice of professionals and gamers because it can well manage the fast moving images. The widescreen display has a 24-inch viewable area.

It is a great energy efficient product having Energy Star compliance to save not just energy but money as well. It is equipped with flicker less technology to stop the annoying flickering screen while Acer vision care technologies having a blue light filter shielded your eyes strain from blue light.

Acer comfy view technology minimizes the background light reflections. The ergonomic stand allows the user to fix the screen at the most comfortable position according to your body gesture. It can rotate up to 90 degrees left or right either way and can tilt -5 to 15 degrees. Besides it can also adjust vertically up to 3 inches.

The high quality and stunning visuals are possible to experience with its full HD 19:6 aspect ratio within its zero frame design. Likewise, the 6-axis color adjustment ensures to achieve the highest standard of color accuracy which is a favourite feature of graphic professionals and photo or video editors.

For easy connectivity, it has VGA, Audio in and HDMI ports available. You can quite simply connect your mobile or tablet with this monitor to view the display on a large screen. The weight of the monitor is just 6.61 pounds so you can easily move it. It is a great product for multi display workstations.

Another good feature of this monitor is that it is fully compatible with VESA mounting therefore you can comfortably fix it on the wall with a wall mounting arm that can spare your desk space.

6-Samsung SE450 23.6 inch FHD 1920×1080 Desktop Monitor for Business

The Samsung SE450 is an outstanding desktop vertical monitor for business or home users. You can enjoy the stunning and sharp image quality with this full HD monitor. It has a sleek and stylish design that uses your minimal desk space. The adjustable stand of this monitor is fully capable with pivot, swivel and tilt features to provide a more comfortable display.

Moreover, it supports standard VESA mounting capability to fix your monitor on the wall. The Samsung SE450 offers advanced ergonomic features that keeps users healthy to avoid neck, back or shoulder strains while working for long hours. It is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious users to meet their expectations because it is built with 30% of recycled plastic.

Even so the eco-friendly features reduce energy consumption that ultimately saves your money to turn down your electricity bill. The maximum resolution of this monitor is 1920×1080 and aspect ratio is 16:9 to deliver bright and sharp visuals. The anti glare technology is used to control the glare while flicker free technology ensures to stop the flickering of the screen.

Beyond that, Magic Angle technology allows users for comfortable viewing experience. Eye saver mode is a unique feature of Samsung SE450 that saves your eyes from harmful rays of the monitor. It comes with a 3 year business warranty for purchase. It is a perfect choice for everyday office tasks.

The cost effective monitor has many user friendly features including versatile connectivity options, adjustable stand and fully pivot capability. Samsung is a leading technology brand manufacturer offers many products including monitors. Samsung is introducing many great features products with affordable prices.

It is one of the best options monitors in this price range having so many advanced features. It features a VGA, DVI and display port to connect it with external devices. It is powered with Mega infinity dynamic contrast ratio to deliver details of images even in the darker and lighter area. Even so it also has a convenient cable management feature to minimize a tidy work environment.

7-Samsung Business SR650 Series 24 inch IPS 1080p 75Hz Vertical Monitor

The Samsung Business SR650 Series 24 inches IPS Computer Monitor is one of the best vertical professional monitors for programming. The sleek, stylish and bezel less design supports for multi display setup. The thin bezel design facilitates users to maximum concentration on the working area of the screen.

It is a combination of outstanding design and features. Likewise, when you use dual monitor setup you can experience nearly gapless display of both monitors because of its ultra-thin bezels. The IPS panel of the monitor protects the color intensity, sharpness and clarity across every point of the screen.

The stunning and clear visuals display has a great demand of professionals including graphic designers, video editors and photo enthusiasts. The refresh rate of the monitor is 75 Hz that delivers amazing image quality on a wide viewing angle. The response rate of 5 milliseconds is considered excellent for those who play with moving images.

Moreover, the maximum resolution of 1920×1080 on IPS panels provides accurate tones and shades. A complete range of connectivity slots are available including USB 3.0 B-Type, USB 2.0, DP, Audio, Head phone, RGB and HDMI for trouble free connections with peripheral devices.

You can comfortably connect this monitor with laptops, USB, tablets, Mobile phones and all other related electronic devices. The versatile design monitor can pivot, tilt and swivel to see the workable area at any required position. You can easily adjust the height of the monitor according to your sitting position.

It is suitable to keep it on the desk or you can also fix it on the wall because it is compatible with VESA mounting. Mounting wall arm is a great idea for a multi monitor setup to save your desk space and enhance productivity. It has many advanced and unique features including Eye saver mode to keep your eyes safe from blue light and strain while Flicker free technology controls and minimizes the irritating flickering effects.

It comes with a three-years business warranty for purchase. The Smart Eco technology reduces the power consumption up to 10% while not disturbing the picture quality.

After finalizing a vertical monitor, you should consider the following three main factors to buy best vertical monitor for you.

Key Points of Best Vertical Monitor

Screen Size: If you are using your monitor just for normal work then you can choose under 21 inches of screen. The larger monitor screens are used for professionals, advanced level gamers, graphic designers, architects and photographers.

Resolution: There are three main types of resolutions these days, HD, Quad HD and 4K Ultra HD. First type of HD is used for basic level users but if you need more clarity then you can go with Quad HD while 4K HD is used by professionals that display the best results.

Display Types: There are three main types of displays, LCD, LED and Touchscreens. LCD: Liquid Crystal displays are display good quality and available with reasonable price.

LED: Light Emitting Diode displays are much advanced forms of relatively old LCD technology. These monitors display excellent quality but are a bit expensive then LCDs.

Touch Screen: These displays are good for multipurpose use.

Final Verdict

Generally, we use horizontal monitors in our offices and homes. Vertical monitors are usually used by software developers and writers because it displays more text area for coding or writing something longer text. These kinds of monitors are helpful to increase the productivity of their work. We have been listed in the top 7 best vertical monitors and our Choice in this list is Samsung Se540 . It is totally up to the users which monitor will suit them according to their requirements. The price of the vertical monitors also depends upon the features they are offering.

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