Best Thin Bezel Monitor with VESA Mounts

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Monitor with thin bezels are increasingly becoming popular. One of the reasons why they have been so prominent in the recent days is because of the change in panel technology. Previously, the TN technology panel were not capable of having such thin bezels on the side. Their panels just did not allow them. Secondly, there was no market that had seen potential in the bezelless monitors. However, that has changed. Learn more about different panels here.

Monitors are not just regarded as a boring component of the computer anymore. People want their computers to look elegant and classy. If you notice, most of the monitors, even IPS monitors, that had come a few years ago like in 2010 or 2011 were all mundane. They were generic with black thick bezels and round plastic stand. You would only find a hint of aesthetics if you were to spend good money on expensive monitors. That too has changed, you will find aesthetics even in monitor that are supremely cheap nowadays.

The Ever Shifting Monitor Market

While shifting to the market of more and more beautiful monitors, the brands have also realized that giving the monitor frameless look serves two purposes. Firstly, it caters to the market of people who are looking for sleek and slender looks. Secondly, it attracts those who are looking for multiple monitor display setups.

They have literally killed two birds with one stone. Now most of the frameless monitors are not entirely frameless. The technology has matured enough to disregard the frame bezel at all. However, we are getting there. A few years ago 2 mm bezel was considered edge-less. Now you can find monitor as small as 0.8mm bezels (Check Out ASUS MX27AQ). In time this will reduce to nil most certainly.

For those brands with a foresight and who are aiming to appeal to a wider range of market with slim bezel monitors, they would have VESA mounts on their monitors. VESA mounts are an essential feature.

Let us a look at some of the thin bezel monitor with VESA mounts now.

What is VESA Mount?

It is standard for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs on stands and walls.

The Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), also known as VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) or colloquially as VESA mount, is a family of standards defined by the Video Electronics Standards Association for mounting flat panel monitors, TVs, and other displays to stands or wall mounts. – Wikipedia

Most of the fancy monitor that you see with elegant stands have one issue: they are not adjustable. You cannot rotate, swivel or tilt the monitor to position it properly. Instead, you will have to position yourself to find a comfortable viewing angle.

With VESA mounts that can be solved. You can get separate VESA compatible stands that actually offer full adjustability options. They are actually quite affordable. Moreover, if you are looking for a great multiple monitor setup, then you can get a large stand that can accommodate multiple monitors for a seamless look.

There are many sizes ranging from 20×50 mm to 200x200mm and up. Each of the sizes requires a different screw size with threads ranging from M4 and M8. Each size also points to how much the weight of the option should be. So for example if the VESA mounts is 75×75 mm on a monitor, its maximum weight would be 10 pounds.


So if you are convinced that you need thin bezel monitor with VESA mounting holes than this list will help you out. Some monitors listed here are very affordable while others are expensive. It all depends upon the features.

Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ – 24″

If you talk about monitors, the first brands that comes to mind is Dell. They are perhaps the most well known PC display brand in the market and for very good reasons. They are one of the first ones to try new technologies on their monitors and also offer them at affordable price. Take this monitors as an example. Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ, is the only monitor in the market that offers wireless charging stand. This is super thoughtful. A stand takes a good amount of table space, so why not actually make it useful right?

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Other than that, this thin bezel monitor with VESA mounts offer superior IPS panel with a plethora of connectivity options. The USB hub is very welcome feature as most of the monitors lack it. If you are look for a monitor built for productivity, then you have got it.

Is it good for gaming? Absolutely! Many gamers would be put off by the slow response rate. The thing is, if you are a not a super picky gamer or a videophile, then you will really see no difference. In fact, the color quality and other features of this monitor will outweigh the cons.

In my opinion, I would rather buy this monitor for office and home use. If I want an affordable gaming monitor with a thin bezel, I will look further into the ones listed below.

ASUS VC239H – 23″

This would definitely be the go to choice for most gamers. This monitor is affordable enough for a multiple monitor display setup. You can have two or three monitors and it wouldn’t put a serious dent in your pocket. At the same time, you can enjoy the color and visual quality of the superior AH-IPS panel that this monitor features.

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On top of that, this display only has a response time of 5ms. This is one of the fastest that you can you can ask for an IPS panel.

The only issue that I have with this monitor is that it looks too mundane with its generic looks. However, if you are going to mount it on separate stand, than that issue can be solved. Secondly, it does not have a Display Port, which is something that would have been helpful for triple monitor setup.

AOC i2777fq – 27″

One of the best all rounder thin bezel monitor with VESA mounts. AOC is not a hugely famous brand; however, their products are usually unique and win the hearts of many in the market. This monitor is a 27 inch monitor with FHD resolution and 75mm VESA mounts. Other than the gorgeous looks this monitor offers, it is also very functional. If you are attracted by the way this monitor looks in the front, just wait till you see its back. In short, the back is not something that you would want to hide.

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Not only does this monitor have a narrow bezel, it also has a very slim overall profile. Gaming would be no issue. It has 5 ms response time, which is deemed good by most gamers. One of the biggest selling point of this monitor is the plethora of connectivity options. It has not one but two HDMI ports and also a Display Port, making it ideal for triple monitor display setups.

Dell Gaming S2716DG – 27″

Yes this monitor is expensive. In fact, most us would have a hard time just affording one these, let alone two or three. However, this monitor has all the bells and whistles to keep a gamer satisfied. It has a WQHD resolution on a 27 inch monitor, which is ideal, 144HZ and also a thin bezel that too on a TN panel. This is very rare. The benefit of this is that it obviously has a faster response time.

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Although IPS panels offer better quality visuals, they are still not on par with TN panels for gaming.

You should know that this is one of the most affordable quality WQHD gaming monitor in the market. It is new in the market, but it has received high praise. We have included this because it happens to be a gaming monitor with a thin bezel.

Samsung C27F398


A curved monitor with VESA mounting holes. This is one of the most unique monitors that you can buy in the market for a rather affordable price.

This monitor also offers a VA panel that has a very high static contrast ratio.

BenQ RL2455HM Monitor


An affordable all rounder gaming monitor by a brand that is synonymous with gaming. It is simple and has all the necessary features that a gamer would deem necessary. On top of all that it has VESA mounting holes.

What Kind of Monitors Stands Can You Get?

If you do not have VESA mounts on your monitor, then hooking it up on stands is going to be pain because you will have to make some of DIY kit for it. However, if you do have a monitor with VESA mount, you can get several different kind of stands.

There are stands and then there are hooks. Stands sit on the table; whereas, hooks attach to the table. A hook would be placed at the edge of the screen; whereas, a stand can be moved around on the table. A hook gives you more desk space, the stand occupies space.


VESA mounting holes is a necessity if you want to hook your monitor on to a dedicated stand. Most of the times the native stands on the monitor have very limited adjustability options. In such cases dedicated stands become a necessity.

But, if you are looking to hook up multiple monitors together for a multi monitor display setup, then you not only need monitor with VESA mounting holes, but also those that have a thin bezel. Thin bezel is important for having continuity between two screens.

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