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Let us have a looks at some of the best monitors under 300. $300 mark is not cheap one. The monitors in this price category are definitely not considered budget monitors. At the same time, these monitors aren’t what you call professional monitors. These are just perfect monitors. They are blend of high end features and a good price point. They look nice, have great build quality as well as looks.

Turns out, you really do not have to break a bank to get the best combination of features; you will get all of that in an extremely affordable price, such that it will be less than $300. This time we will be looking at some of the best monitors-best screen, image quality, sound, processing-in the $300 price category. This is where brands show that they are not only working for profit but they do empathize with all their customers, which is why they work hard to pull of something like this, that offers same high-end features but in an affordable package.

List of Best Monitors Under 300

Note that these are not professional or gaming monitors. This list does not cater specifically to TN panel monitors nor to the IPS panel monitors. Simply put, the following are the best conventional monitors under $300.

You can use these monitors for multitude of tasks. Consider them to be the jack of all trades but masters of none. Albeit, some of them can be more suited toward gaming or professional work

Samsung UE590 Monitor

This affordable 23 inch Samsung screen is all you want to buy for now. It has an astoundingly beautiful 4K display with full high definition, every image and video will be displayed in the best of its appearance. The resolution of 3840×2160 is 4 times greater than what a standard HD monitor would offer. Quality wise, this is one of the best monitors under 300.

Not only watching movies or TV shows, you can also play video games with uninterrupted motion. AMD free Sync is another blessing in disguise, as the name suggests it syncs the refresh rate of both the screen and frame to reduce image tearing and give maximized results. A response time of 4 ms will allow the user to view fast moving scenes with any blur or disruption, having a quick response time is actually a great attraction for gamers.

A larger 23.6 inch screen with 100 percent sRGB provides detailing in every scene and true to life colors. Picture in picture technology makes it possible for you to multitask by working on one video and/or playing a movie on the other, furthermore the size of those split screens can also be adjusted as per your need. Right at the back of the monitor are connectivity ports for display and HDMI supporting UHD resolutions, for smooth picture quality.

The overall design is quite sleek and elegant, and would definitely look pretty for the room wherever it is placed. It comes with a T-shaped stand to give it support. Despite the numerous features, customers had somewhat mixed views regarding this product.

They were all happy with the display and design; in fact some were extremely happy with the eye saver technology which was there to prevent their eye sights from weakening, the only problem they had was that the monitor had no VESA mounts and that the stand could have been better in style. All in all, about 51 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

Acer G257HU Widescreen Monitor

Acer has managed a 25 inch large screen monitor at an affordable price. The design is very sleek and slim, fitting almost any place without taking up much space. Its flawless features are what actually lift up the elegant design and give it more worth. It has a striking resolution of 2560 x 1440 which ensures that all images displayed are of the finest quality and have the full HD affect. If you are looking value for money then this is the one of the best monitors under 300.

The screen is ideal if you want to use it for entertainment, work or even play video games. So, basically everyone in your family will benefit from this one screen. The aspect ratio of 16:9 is wide enough for large screen and the contrast ratio of 100 million:1 further guarantees crystal clear view. DVI and HDMI ports are supported and 178 degree viewing angle means the same view will be given to everyone, irrespective of where they are seated in the room.

The frame size is almost zero so that you can attach another screen with it, without affecting the overall look. There is a different, Acer eColor management that lets the user choose between different image performances with just a touch.

Acer keeps in line with the energy consumption by reducing energy costs.  The response was pretty good with about 62 percent of the users giving it a full 5 star review; based on its display, easy installation and sturdiness.


AOC has manufactured their 27 inch screen at a decent price. It is a wide display in full high definition and resolution which is about 4 times more than what a normal HD screen has, which is 2560 x 1440. This wide screen will show images in great detail and would lift up the viewing experience.

Be it watching movies, TV shows, playing video games or even doing office work; everything will be fully catered with the best of results. Coming to the connectivity ports, they are compatible with VGA, DVI-D, HDMI and display. These connectivity ports are of great benefit as they allow for high end video playing and uninterrupted sound.

Furthermore, quad HD display is complemented with a silver stand to support the large screen and make sure that it doesn’t wobble much, as customers usually have this complaint with other brands. Along with this, they can easily tilt the screen to adjust the view as per their requirements.

On top of that, it is certified with an energy star that assures the user that least amount of energy will be consumed saving on a lot of electricity costs, as well as saving the environment.  AOC got an overwhelming response from their users.

The customers were impressed with the display in terms of the contrast and brightness that was offered. The 160 degree viewing angle made it even more user’s friendly and the quick response time of 1 ms was above the expectations. There were hardly any complaints against it which is why about 86 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

Dell UZ UltraSharp 23 Inch

This monitor has built in IPS panel which is the best panel currently and is being used by all high-end brands, even for smartphones. A full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels gives a good idea of how perfect the display is going to be and the image quality.

Aspect ratio of 16:9 is typical for the wide screen size and will give complete view to the user. Speaker and headphone/microphone combination ensures that the sound reaches in the finest quality. An ultra wide viewing angle of 178 degrees is better than what a lot of other brands have to offer and therefore gives even more benefit to the users in terms of the ease they get in not having to shift places.

The screen is allowed a tilt of 5.5 degree and 21 degree forward and backward, and then there is also a swivel option to both right and left. All these adjusting positions give more choice to the user and enhance his or her viewing experience. This comes as a great plus point when you are working or doing some office work, changing positions of the screen really helps to reduce the angle issues that customers usually have.

The connectivity ports are the usual HDMI, display and VGA. Customers had somewhat mixed views regarding this product which is why only 50 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review. The main issue that many people had was with the overall look of the monitor, which fell more to a low quality side.

Dell Ultra sharp U2417HJ

DELL manages an ultra sharp 23 inch screen at a price of just nearly three hundred bucks, offering multiple features. This monitor is designed to offer incomparable performance to all its users. It has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 which speaks for the consistent and perfect colors that are displayed.

Wide viewing angle of 178 degree makes the whole experience even better. DELL guarantees its customers that all of their monitors will have a 96 % sRGB coverage which is for the accuracy of the colors, the more the better. Bezel on three sides of the monitor assures an undisrupted view without any unnecessary distractions. The overall design is very elegant and gives a classy effect to the room where it is placed.

The most distinctive feature of this is the wireless charging stand. Yes, you heard it right, all you have to do is place your smartphone on in and see it get charged without any plugs or wires. Life just got a whole lot better, thanks to DELL. Features wise, this is one of the best monitors under 300.

Users can also tilt or swivel the screen to adjust the view as per their specific requirements and therefore make work easier. Despite the numerous features it had to offer, DELL’s monitor only got 45 percent of the users who gave it a full 5 star review.

Samsung 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Samsung, in competition with other brands, has manufactured a well designed yet economical monitor at a decent price. You will not have to worry about fitting in this monitor since its sleek design will fit almost anywhere, hardly taking up any desk space. If elegance is what you seek, this is among the best monitors under 300.

Moreover, its classy look will surely enhance the décor around. It has the new touch of color technology which is there to give refined display. A 178 degree angle is wide enough so that everyone sitting in the room gets the same view from all places. Eye saver mode gives you a head start to continue your work for another 2 or three hours, it reduces the blue light and flicker to prevent the eye strain that prolonged use may cause.

Another big burden off the shoulder is its energy saving feature, paying those bills can be a huge setback to having high-tech gadgets but this monitor in return reduces consumption by 10 percent and proves that it is an environment friendly product. A quick response time of 4 ms allows the user to enjoy even the fastest scenes and would be ideal for playing video games.

Magic upscale saves the picture quality from tearing up in the case when users choose a large frame. Customer responses were neither that good nor that bad. They were all satisfied with the overall display in terms of brightness and contrast, the design was much appreciated and so was the control system.

Problem came with the fact that there was no HDMI cable and it didn’t allow for any adjustments to the monitor height. All in all, 57 percent gave it a full 5 star review.


This monitor by ASUS is ideal for multi screen setup as it has a super narrow frame. The 24 inch screen has an astounding brightness and contrast ratio, ensuring the depth of the color display. Quick response time of 1 ms makes it ideal for gamers who love to enjoy every part of their fast moving action scenes.

It supports two HDMI and VGA ports to make sure that a number of other multimedia devices can be attached to it for uninterrupted experience. A quick fit virtual scale shows pictures and documents in their original size before you send them for further printing or any other process.

The super sleek design is elegant and classy, coming with a stand to hold it well against the usual wobbling that people complain about. With a 3 year warranty for system and the same 3 year warranty for panel, it is definitely worth the try.

Customer responses were such that about 69 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review. They were very much satisfied with the overall specifications and the outlook of the monitor as well. Few of the customers complained that after a little usage, the monitor display started cutting but ASUS assured that it was just a manufacturing fault and not a technical one.


If you do not care much about gaming or professional features in a monitor and you are just looking for a decent monitor, then you can some pretty deals in this price range.

Best monitors under 300 come in many different shapes and sizes. Some offer WQHD resolution, some offer 4K while majority of them feature FHD resolution. Depending upon your needs, you can choose one of these monitors.

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