7 Best Monitor Wall Mount in 2022

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There are many different kinds of monitor wall mounts available in the market with interesting shapes and designs. The main purpose of all of them is to facilitate users and create an ergonomic computer setup that ultimately helps users to work more efficiently and comfortably for long computing sessions. In this article, we will introduce some of the best monitor wall mounts that can carry single or dual monitors and we will also take a look at some of the main features which you should consider before buying a monitor wall mount.

7 Best Monitor Wall Mount Buyer Guide in 2022

The main reasons to use a monitor wall mount could be to save the space of the desk and it is also virtually invisible as it is hidden behind the monitor and in this way it creates a clean looking monitor setup with no cables and mount visible. Additionally, these wall mounts easily support heavier monitors and provide more flexibility to the user to use the monitors.

They allow you to rotate your monitor with a completely changed orientation, from horizontal to vertical and vice versa so you can use landscape or portrait display features. Most of them are made with lightweight and sturdy aluminum and they are professionally designed for advanced level computer users.

1. AmazonBasics Premium Wall Mount Computer Monitor and TV Stand – Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum – Black

Put your monitor right where you want it with this amazing wall mount arm. It is made with premium quality aluminum to keep it lightweight and sturdy. It is handy to use and easy setup is possible with included instructions and hardware. It comes with silver and black color. It is capable of supporting heavier monitors because of its superb design and strong material.

You can effortlessly adjust your mounting arm according to your sitting positions to ensure comfortable viewing of your monitor which ultimately reduces neck, eye and shoulder strains. It is ideal both for office and home computer users to save desk space and ergonomic placement of almost any kind of monitor. The design of the Amazon Basic Premium wall mount is pretty simple.

The base is attached with the upper arm and lower arm. One end of the arm will be fixed into the wall while the other end of the arm will be attached with the monitor. The base is easily attached to a wall by drilling screws into a wall stud. This wall mount offers an exceptional range of flexibility motion to allow the user to view portrait or landscape mode of the monitor.

The arm can extend up to 25 inches and can easily reposition the monitor with a gentle touch for any direction. This is a sleek appearance mount wall stand that can carry 32 inches or smaller monitors very efficiently. The arm includes a cable management system to keep monitors cables neatly concealed while running along the underside of the arm.

The installation of the arm with a monitor is so simple that you can fix it with your hands. Any kind of monitor which supports VESA FDMI 75mm or 100mm hole pattern can easily be attached with this mount wall. The smooth flowing motion is helpful to increase productivity of the work. The use of the wall mount monitor stand can increase the valuable surface space.

When you finish your work, you can simply push it back against the wall for quick out of the way placement.

NB North Bayou TV Monitor Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Articulating Swivel for 17-27″ Monitors (Load Capacity from 4.4 to 15.4lbs) Double Extension F150-B

North Bayou is a well known brand of professional mounting solutions manufacturer. NB F150 is a fully articulating monitor mount arm to view a new way of viewing ergonomic design of the monitor wall mount. It is built with high quality material to provide maximum durability and allow the user to move monitor any direction and height freely and conveniently.

The chromed finished aluminum alloy with micro polish is used for this great product to make it sturdy and scratch free. It can easily fit with all kinds of monitors of 17-27 inches in size and have VESA hole patterns 75×75 or 100×100 mm. The whole VESA plate of this wall mount is 118×118 mm therefore you should keep in mind that you may need an extra longer screw and wrench to make it fit.

It can hold the load capacity of 4.4 pounds to 15.4 pounds. The installation of this arm is very simple because it comes with all necessary hardware including screws and screw spacers along with the detailed instructions manual. It can swivel up to 180 degrees while the rotation of this wall mount is 360 degrees. The handy landscape or portrait view of your monitor is possible to attach with this arm.

The base of the arm is simply attached with the wall while built in bubble level on the base is a unique feature of this futuristic wall mount that ensures the exact level of this bracket. It can hold your monitor 3.35 inches away from the wall while it can extend up to 15.2 inches out from the wall. Your monitor lift range will be up to 5 inches and tilt angles will be +3 to -50 degrees.

The design of the arm is very flexible to extend and retract that can save your precious desk space in a limited area. The adjustable clips can be found under the arm which works for integrated cable management to hide and move wires freely and clutter free appearance. You can easily adjust the gas spring tension according to your monitor weight with the help of screw spacers.


Monitor Wall Mount Arm | VESA Wall Mount Monitor Arm | Full Motion Gas Spring Arm Fits 13 15 17 19 20 22 23 24 27 30 32 Inch Screens with 75 or 100 VESA Patterns | Camper RV Compatible

This beautiful wall mount is made for small to medium size monitors. It gives futuristic appearance with sleek design and delivers ergonomic performance with attractive design. It is a great combination of fashion and style. It can easily mount to a single wall stud. It is very comfortable and flexible to your workspace. It also reduces your neck strain.

It is suitable for a single computer screen 19-27 inches in size. It is made from cold rolled steel that makes it very study construction and makes it enable to hold up to 40 pounds. You can use this wall mount to clear off more space on your computer desk. It is a great option for limited budget users. It requires drilling for installation using the bolt hole pattern on the back.

You just need two bolts to install it into the wall. The installation of a VESA wall mount is very easy because it comes with all mounting hardware, tools and instructions necessary for assembly of this handy mount arm.  Though wall mounts are not as maneuverable as desk mounts, this Vesa wall mount can be extended up to 15 inches and folded back up to 2 inches to bring the screen right up against the wall.

To view portrait or landscape orientation of the screen, it can swivel up to 180 degree right or left while the base plate of the mount can be tilted up to 15 degrees up or down. This way it makes the use of monitors very handy to the user. The beauty of this wall mount is that it is compatible with all kinds of brands of monitors which have 75mm to 100 mm Vesa bolt hole patterns.

The manufacturer offers a 5 years warranty and US based friendly and responsive customer support is available to answer any type of your queries regarding the problems with the Vesa wall mount. Vesa wall mount is simply responsible to improve your health and productivity to convert your computer desk into a sit stand workstation and you can easily work for long computing sessions.

VIVO Black Height

Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm Dual Monitor Wall Mount Full Motion Articulating | fits 2 Screens 17 to 27 inches (MOUNT-V002G)

If you are looking to buy a dual monitor wall mount with a reasonable price then you can consider this beautiful arm in your favorite list. It is a perfect option to mount multiple screens. It is designed by VIVO, a market leading provider of the screen mounting solution. These kinds of mounted arms are used by professionals. The sturdy steel design is backed with the 3 years manufacturer warranty.

VIVO dual monitor wall mount is powered with a double extended gas spring arm that allows for simple height adjustment and you can effortlessly adjust your monitor to almost any viewing angle. It clears up your valuable desk space because if you use a dual monitor you need a reasonable space on your desk. This stylish wall mount allows the user to enjoy the perfect ergonomic viewing level that reduces your neck, back and eyes strains.

You can experience easy installation because it comes with all necessary mounting hardware such as bolts, screws washers and anchors along with the instruction manual. The articulating arms allow users to rotate monitors -+90 degree to -45 degree and they can be extended up to 21.25 inches from the wall. You can place both monitors in portrait or landscape mode according to your requirements.

It is compatible to hold two monitors of any brand which support 75mm to 100 mm VESA bolt hole patterns of 17 inches to 27 inches in size and it can bear 14.3 pounds each of the monitor. The responsive and friendly after sale service support help you to enquiry any question or concern.

The integrated cable management is used to keep cords out of the sight that produces a clean and neat look and enhance the user’s concentration on his work. The internal counterbalance gas spring adjusts the weight of your monitors.

You can experience the unlimited flexibility at the touch of a hand without using any tool. The height of the monitor can be adjusted within the range of 9.7 inches.

5. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount for 32-inch to 80-inch LED, LCD, Flat Screen

This stylish heavy duty articulating wall mount is used to enhance your computer monitor viewing experience. It is suitable for all those devices which have VESA pattern mounting holes of 75×75, 100×100, 200×100 or 200×200 mm. Before purchasing this wall mount you should ensure to check the mounting interface on the back of your monitor.

It is made with heavy duty aluminum and powder coated steel to make it powerful that supports even heavier monitors while the cable management system keeps cords and cables neatly organized and safely out of the way. The heavy duty wall mount arm accommodates 12 to 39 inches monitor’s screen while the single stud wall mount can bear the weight of a monitor up to 40 pounds.

It comes with all necessary mounting hardware and instruction manuals for easy installation. The reliable strength of its fine quality material is an important factor of this powerful wall mounted arm. Amazon Basic heavy duty wall mount can effortlessly extend up to 16 inches from the wall. It can easily swivel, tilt and collapse to a 2 inch low profile. The installation of the arm is easy and simple and it can be removed from the wall by one person.

It is capable of providing easy mounting to view your monitor screen vertically or horizontally. The articulating wall mount can be extended up to 16 inches into the room and can keep your monitor up to 2 inches from the wall. It can rotate your monitor 180 degree left and right direction and has adjustable tilt capability to experience optimal viewing from anywhere in the room.

The powerful material ensures reliable strength of the arm to give enjoyable performance. It is the best choice both for home computer users and office users or professionals as well. The articulating wall mount is fit for almost all brands including Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Vizio, Sharp, LG, Philips and many other famous brands. This great product is backed by an Amazon Basic one year warranty to boost up the customer satisfaction of the user.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable Pneumatic Extended Arm Single Monitor Wall Mount, Full Motion Articulating | fits 17 to 27 inch Screen

This magnificent premium wall mounted arm created by Vivo is a perfect tool to free up your work space and increase the comfort level of your work. You can clear up and organize your limited and valuable desk space to use this single LCD monitor wall mount. The solid construction of this premium quality wall mount arm is possible with the high quality aluminum that makes it durable and scratch free.

It can elevate 17 to 27 inches of monitors having weight up to 15.4 pounds. To properly counterbalance the arm weight the monitor must weigh a minimum of 4.4 pounds. It can be fit with all kinds of monitors having standard 75×75 or 100×100 mm VESA mounting hole patterns on the back. It is well constructed to reduce strain on your back, neck and eyes to provide an ergonomic view of your monitor that ultimately supports your overall body health.

The price of the Vivo mount wall is also very reasonable. The base wall mount is almost 5.5 inches that is attached with the two pieces of main arm and the other end of the arm is attached with the monitor. Vivo premium aluminum single LCD monitor wall mount can extend 3.7 to 16.3 inches from the wall while it can also swivel and tilt. Fluid motion is used for easy adjustment.

It allows 180 degree swivel and -45 to +45 degree tilt while for ideal viewing angle it can rotate at 360 degree.  It can also move up and down and for this purpose a powerful pneumatic spring is used that controls adjustment height range of up to 7 inches. The free floating effect allows the user to adjust the height instantly without using any tool.

The installation of the arm is very easy because it comes with all necessary hardware including screws and wrenches and the pack is also included with the instruction manual. The convenient keyhole mounting pattern makes possible fast installation. It is a perfect solution for small and medium size monitors to mount them on a wall conveniently.

Mount-It! Dual Monitor Wall Mount Arms | Double Monitor Wall Mount | Two Full Motion Adjustable Articulating Gas Spring Arms | Fits 19 20 21 22 24 27 Inch Computer Screens with 75 or 100 VESA Patterns

Mount-It! Expandable dual LCD monitor wall mount spring arm is a combination of function and fashion to deliver ergonomic performance with style. It is an extra long monitor wall mount that can extend up to 30 inches from the wall. It is made with heavy duty construction material to make it sturdy. The premium aluminum die cast is used to make a strong and sleek arm.

It can hold two monitors of 13-30 inches in size while it can carry up to 19.8 pounds of weight capacity for each monitor. To create an ergonomic work environment, both monitors can be installed side by side along the back of the wall. This dual mount wall is compatible for all brands of monitors having 75×75 or 100×100 mm standard VESA holes pattern. Before purchasing this wall mount you should ensure the presence of these hole patterns on the back of your monitors.

The height adjustment of the arm is controlled through spring while it can also articulate, tilt and rotate both at each arm connection and at the monitor holder. You can install monitors either in vertical or horizontal shape. It can rotate and swivel 360 degrees at two joints and 180 degrees at one joint while it can tilt up 90 degrees and down 20 degrees. The height is adjustable up to 11.5 inches from the base of the bracket.

The neat and efficient cable management system is very supportive for clean look with minimal cords and cable visibility underneath the wall mount bracket. The installation of this fully adjustable arm is very straightforward. It consists of many pieces and the modular design of the arm that allows the user to connect each piece effortlessly.

The wall mount piece is drilled with a wall and its quick connect feature facilitates the user to connect each piece one by one. In this way you can assemble this dual LCD monitor wall mount within a few minutes without any hassle. The ultimate goal to use this dual powerful bracket is to save the desk space and ergonomic viewing of the dual monitor display.

Final Verdict

It is very important to know that an ergonomic workstation is necessary both for your health and productive working for long hours. The improper sitting at their monitor can lead to unnecessary neck, back, shoulders or eyes strain. The best monitor wall mount can definitely be helpful to overcome all these issues.

It is hard to achieve an ergonomic setup without using a wall mount because it enables you to adjust both height and angles properly according to your sitting position. Another important benefit to using the wall mount is that it spares a lot of free space on your desk which you can use for many other tasks.

The multiple movements of the arm like rotation, tilt, swivel and up and down movement enable the user to customize monitor positions freely and more conveniently. In addition wall mount arm comes with the ability to hold not just one but more than one monitor.

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