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Are you running on a tight budget and looking for best monitor under 200 dollars range? Fortunately, there are some nice deals available in the market. Most of the brands manufacture both high and low end monitors. The low end monitors are designed just for casual work and entertainment.

This article provides a list of all the best monitors under 200 that are available from the major brands. Some of these are quite exquisite. For example the 32 inch LG 32MA68HY-P is an awesome large screen monitor that can be bought instead of a TV.

People spend tons of money on leisure items, so spending a small amount on these multi featured monitors should not be an issue. This detailed analysis on all those monitors will surely help you decide upon which one to buy next.

List of Best Monitor Under 200

Let us now have a look at some of the best monitors under $200. Whether is it is the best monitor under 200 for you depends a lot upon your needs. The deciding factor between the monitors would generally be the screen size and the port configuration. The rest of the features are more or less the same.

LG 32MA68HY-P 32-Inch IPS Monitor

This is the best monitor under 200 for gamers as well as for casual work, This classic monitor has a large 32 inch display with full high definition. The large size makes it easy for the user to comfortably work on multiple spreadsheets, watch videos and much more. 16:9 aspect ratio allows user to view pictures and videos bigger and improves on the quality of image for bolder backdrops.

It helps to give a cinematic view, so you can enjoy all those movies with your loved ones. It has a wide array of ports such as HDMI, display and USB type 2 to connect other multimedia devices. On screen control makes it easy for the user to access basic monitor settings with just a few clicks. Those settings mainly include screen brightness, volume and color levels etc. Furthermore, an interesting feature is the screen split which divides the screen in maximum 4 parts.

This encourages the user to multitask and thus be more efficient. LG shows their concern for their customers by introducing features like reader mode. This reduces the harmful blue light that can damage one’s sight after continuous usage. Overall the screen looks elegant and has a supporting stand too. If not a stand then you can also mount it on the wall with the help of VESA holes.

Customers gave an overwhelming response. From display to the hardware, everything was liked by them. All in all, a good 75 percent of them gave it a full 5 star review.

HP Pavilion 27xw

HP brings their astounding 27 inch display with built in IPS. The IPS technology gives amazing angles and balanced color display. Everyone sitting in the room would enjoy the same view from all angles. Full HD display of 1920 x 1080p gives detailed and sharp imagery.

LED backlighting is highly efficient and produces a remarkable picture quality. In terms of connectivity there are HDMI and BGA ports so the connection can be extended to other multimedia devices. HP enhance + feature further improves the image quality to guarantee a crisp display. The monitor is really slim and hardly takes up any space on the desk. Wherever placed, it will enhance the look of that room.

User is allowed to tilt the monitor forward or backwards to suit his/her view. Buttons are situated right beneath so that user can easily access them for power control primarily. To top it off, HP has earned an energy star for this product. This means that it consumes lowest energy, thus saving on a lot of bills.

Customers gave great reviews on this monitor. They were happy with the color production and amazing display provided. There was no issue with pixels being dead and overall it had a stylish look. 76 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


This 27 inch classic display by LG is definitely worth a try. It has a full HD IPS display that delivers same clear image from all angles. The color reproduction is improved by a great extent. On screen control displays a bunch of basic settings with just a few clicks.

These settings include color levels and brightness percentages. Users can conveniently view and make changes accordingly. Everyone loves to do multitasking as it makes them more productive. LG allows this through their screen split feature which divides the screen into separate functioning windows. The windows can further be put in different sizes as per the user requirements. Multitasking is great but with continuous usage it can be harmful to the user’s eye sight.

LG has a solution for this as well with the reader mode that reduces harmful blue light. Overall, the monitor has a very sleek outlook that adds to its elegance and style. People would love to place it in their living rooms where everyone can enjoy together. Customers were happy with the fact the monitor was super easy to install and didn’t take up much of their time. The only issue they had was with the stand. The stand was not that strong and didn’t support the screen well. Other than this, about 60 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


ASUS is a renowned brand when it comes to the world of technology. It has always tried their best to keep up with the leading tech brands. This 27 inch classic display is an example of their efforts. The monitor has an astounding display of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This combined with an aspect ratio of 16:9 perfects it all. Amazing colors will be displayed in a bigger and clear view for bolder backdrops. ASUS realizes how important it is to connect other devices to the monitor at times. For this very reason, multiple ports are provided. There is an HDMI, display and D-sub port. DVI cable is also given along as a compliment. All these splendid features come with a warranty of three whole years. So, no need to worry if there is an error, ASUS will take care of it.

Customer reviews were great. Everyone loved the perfect display which was provided with no dead pixels. The sound system was also good and didn’t require extra speakers to be attached. One big downside, however, was that there was no instruction manual given along. On a whole, about 62 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.

HP 27sv

HP’s new 27 inch monitor is a complete package with all necessary features. First and foremost the built in IPS panel enhances the whole display. It improves on the color production and at the same time guarantees amazing viewing angles. Everyone sitting in the room would be enjoying the same clear view from all sides.

LED backlighting increases the screen performance as it is highly efficient and produces remarkable image quality. Multimedia devices like phones and laptops can easily be connected to the monitor via ports like HDMI, VGA and USB. If at any time the user wants to adjust the viewing angle he/she can do it by tilting it forward or backward. This best monitor under 200 (depend on sellers’ prices) can be placed even in a small room because its sleek design hardly takes up any space. People nowadays are becoming more and more concerned regarding the environment.

This comes under the company’s corporate social responsibility. HP’s monitor is environmental friendly as it has earned the energy star. This means that it will consume less energy thus saving resources. The first thing which impressed the users was the quality of materials used. The stand was made of heavy metal which kept the monitor still in its place. Installation was easy and quick.

Display is also a strong point. The only problem was with the speakers but that was ignored by many. All in all, about 64 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.

Acer H276HL

As far as the slimness of the bezel is concerned, this is the best monitor under 200. Acer is the brand which is known for producing high quality as well as stylish products. This is a 27 inch display with amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This rate is ideal for creating high quality images and better color levels too. Zero frame design makes the monitor sleek and perfect for multiple monitors placed side by side.

It takes up the least amount of desk space, if placed there. In order to adjust the view, users can either tilt it forward or backward. A contrast ratio of 100 million: 1 displays the brightest of both blacks and whites. Response time of 5ms means that there will no interruptions or errors in fast moving scenes. Couple of connectivity ports like HDMI and DVI allow the user to attach their phones etc to the monitor.

Lastly it has earned the energy star which means it is efficient and environmental friendly. Customers gave overwhelming reviews. They were happy with every feature of the monitor. From display to the outlook, everything was perfect. About 71 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


The monitors under $200 differ mostly in screen sizes and port configuration. Fortunately, almost all of the major brands manufacture monitors in this price range so you can definitely expect some sweet deals.

Although they are not hardcore gaming or professional monitors, they can be used for multitude of casual tasks. This can include casual gaming and casual work.

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