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Looking for best monitor for photo editing? Often a time we push too far in order to achieve the perfect result. In studies, we pay more attention in increasing our hours utilized in studying. In cooking, we try to alter our ingredients to get that perfect taste. In taking photos, we use the best software to edit them. But sometimes using the best software is not enough to acquire the optimum result. The art of photo editing is widely practiced around the globe in different areas of industry.

However, little do people know that photo editing not only requires good software but a good quality of monitor that delivers the features that are suitable for photo editing. It is a phenomenon whose succession largely revolves around the quality of monitor used. Even if you are a beginner or a professional in photo editing, choosing a monitor is not an easy task.

The question striking in your mind now is, will a 27 inch monitor suffice the quality of my photo or 29 inch will meet to the expectations of that perfect result? Should I go for IPS panel or TN? The choice of choosing a monitor also depends on if you will be specifically using it for photo editing or for other purposes. Let us discuss some of the things which are to be considered before choosing a monitor for photo editing.

List of Best Monitor for Photo Editing

With all the above consideration in mind, the following best monitor for photo editing stand out from the rest. A little word of warning though, these monitors are not cheap. In fact, most of the monitors listed here top of the line and very expensive.

A good photo editor will know that a monitor is his/her tool of the trade so consider these monitors are great business investment.

Dell U2415 Monitor

If you are a photo editor looking for a monitor that does not exceed your budget and still provides you with great experience, then this product by Dell is just the ideal choice for you. It has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1200p, offering good quality of graphics for a photo editor. The 16:10 aspect ratio makes it convenient for the user to practice photo editing easily.

It has numerous connectivity options including two HDMI ports, two USB 3.0 port and a DisplayPort along with a mini DisplayPort. Its lightweight structure with 14 pounds makes it the lightest among other monitors. When it comes to adjustability options, it has tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment option.

What’s more to this Dell U2415 is the 100 percent sRGB color support, which is a great combination with an 8 bit AH-IPS panel. With a price tag under $300, this monitor offers great color accuracy to the beginners yet professionals providing them with an amusing photo editing experience.


ASUS PA249Q Monitor


A product by ASUS, this monitor is a package of exquisite qualities that any photo editor would want in a monitor. Thus it could easily be the best monitor for photo editing to many. It is packed with 10 bit support that facilitates the user with 99 percent Adobe RGB along with 100 percent sRGB.

Equipped with AH-IPS that is Advance High Performance In-Plane Switching, this Asus PA249Q offers superior color accuracy and great viewing angles that elevates the experience of photo editing to a professional level. When it comes to connectivity options, it has a HDMI port, a DisplayPort, four USB 3.0 port, a VGA and DVI port.

What’s more to this monitor is the 60 degree swivel and up to 90 degree of rotation to landscape. This is a plus point for photo editors who want to buy a new monitor with unique qualities.

This 24 inch monitor offers you a generous display to play with your software, yet the 1920 x 1200p resolution facilitates the user with good quality of graphics. It reveals a price tag that is under $500, and is considered to be ideal for professional photo editors.


NEC PA322UHD-BK Monitor


The most expensive best monitor for photo editing in this list is this NEC PA322UHD-BK, that supports a screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 delivering high quality of graphics on the screen.

This 32 inch monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:9 offers a smooth experience for photo editors. A photo editor can easy avail the multiprofiler software that configures and improves color matching through 5 picture modes. It supports 10 bit color that facilitates the user with high color accuracy and great viewing angles.

What’s more to this monitor is that it enables the user to get familiar with a 14 bit 3D programmable lookup table that offers accurate color calibration with correct color correction. The Picture in Picture lets the user have two video sources in same or different color spaces.

It has numerous connectivity options including a DisplayPort, four HDMI ports, two DVI-D Dual Link and two USB 3.0 ports. Moreover, it comes with a facility of loading device ICC profile to color match with another device, be it a printer or a monitor.


Samsung U28D590D Monitor


Another monitor that we have in our list is this Samsung U28D590D with a screen resolution of 3480 x 2160p that displays a high quality of content on the screen. With response time of 1 ms and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, it is indeed a package of splendid qualities!

It facilitates the user with 170 degree horizontal viewing angle along with a 160 degree vertical viewing angle which is great for a photo editor to get the optimum result. The user is also facilitated with an option of connecting two sources of data side by side simultaneously. The 28 inch screen lets the user work on a generous space without having the toolbars possessing most of the space on the display.

Moreover, user does not have to adjust the screen settings, the monitor itself detects any change of scenes and fine tunes the display offering a high quality of content.


HP DreamColor Z24X E9Q82A8 Monitor


One of the best monitor for photo editing. Supported with an AH-IPS panel, this monitor brings the best color accuracy and viewing angles that transforms the quality of graphics into a quadruple.

It offers a 100 percent sRGB along with 99 percent Adobe RGB that is perfect for a photo editor to look in a monitor. With a facility of providing 178 degree viewing angle, this product of HP enables the user to work with flexible viewing angles making his experience amusing.

It comes with a 16:10 aspect ratio with a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The connectivity options include four USB 3.0, a DVI port, a HDMI port, one upstream USB 3.0 and two DisplayPort. This monitor equipped with matte screen and sleek interface is considered to be perfect for photo editors looking for unique yet thrilling qualities in a monitor.


Dell UP2716D Monitor


Another best monitor for photo editing from Dell in our list is this UP2716D that is packed with a 2560 x 1440p resolution that offers the photo editors with great quality of graphics. Not only is it equipped with a 6 ms response time, but the 16:9 aspect ratio allows the wide screen to accommodate photos side by side easily.

This 27 inch monitor provides 1.07 billion color reproduction and 100 percent color coverage of sRGB and Adobe RGB. It is generous in providing users with connectivity options such as a DisplayPort along with a mini DisplayPort, two HDMI ports, four USB 3.0 and two USB 3.0 upstream. It is facilitated with a built in KVM option and is highly recommended for photo editors.


Screen Size and Aspect Ratio

When it comes to screen size, it is mostly said “the bigger the better”. Photo editors require large and wide screens to work efficiently on their photos from every angle. Choose a monitor that is between a range of 24 inch to 30 inch, so that you can work with your software without the toolbars possessing most of the space on your screen.

In this case, a monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:10 is ideal for a photo editor so that the enlarged view of the screen leaves a considerable amount of space for the toolbars and yet enables you to have a better view of your photo.

These large screen monitors will not only allow you to magnify your pictures at a good rate but will also facilitate you with great functionality.


This is also a very important consideration for graphic designers. The larger the resolution the more real estate you have to work on. Also the higher the resolution, the sharper would be the image.

Photo Editors need to have a larger view of their workspace and a higher resolution monitor enables them to have that.

IPS panel or TN panel

When choosing a photo editing monitor, it is recommended to buy one that is equipped with an IPS panel. The advantage of having a monitor embedded with an IPS panel is that it offers the user with superior color accuracy and great viewing angles that makes the art of photo editing more interesting.

Moreover, an IPS panel supports 8 bit or 10 bit, facilitating the user with 16.7 million or around 1.7 billion color reproductions. With a facility of working on software with more than 170 degree viewing angles, what more a photo editor would want in a monitor!

However, TN panel fails to deliver such color accuracy and viewing angles leading to color shifts and distortion. It supports 6 bit offering a range of 262,144 thousand colors to reproduce which is less than the In-Plane Switching panel.

Color Gamut- Standard or Wide?

If you are a user whose work demands high color accuracy then wide color gamut should definitely be your choice. This color gamut delivers 100 percent sRGB along with 99 to 100 percent of Adobe RGB.

Wide color gamut facilitates the user with a large range of colors while a standard color gamut has defined number of colors. However, if you are a beginner wanting to choose a monitor for photo editing then standard color gamut will suffice your need as it supports 100 percent of sRGB which is considerable for photo editing at a beginner’s level. Eventually, the type of color gamut depends upon the purpose and your usage of the monitor.

Now that you are aware of some of the things that should be considered before choosing a photo editing monitor, the question is which monitor to choose? Every single monitor offers to deliver impeccable qualities which makes it difficult for a user to choose one. For your ease, we have made a list of some of the monitors that are best suitable in order to strengthen your photo editing experience.

A Video Worth Watching

This guy is a pro who has worked for Microsoft and has written several books on windows. So this guy knows his stuff. If really are looking for a professional monitor, watch this video


Colors, their depth, their quality, their reproduction, their vibrance is what matters with professional monitor for photo editing. When venturing into the market for finding photo editing monitors remember that some of the monitors are supremely expensive.

You can definitely find monitors that are well beyond $1,000. These are the monitor with widest color gamut, best of the panels, and 14 bit LUT. However, if you look more, you can find some great monitors at a much affordable price range, which is what this article is about. These monitors are almost as great as the supremely expensive monitors. We have selected some of the monitor here.

However, if they do not tickle your fancy, then remember the pointers mentioned in this article to look for a great monitor for photo editing.

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