Best 27 Inch Monitors Under 300

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There is nothing better than 27 inch monitors under 300 when it comes to display. This perhaps one of the most sought after size and price combination for monitors. Fortunately, there are a lot of models available that you can have a look at. The competition out in this sector specifically is great, every brand wants to lead the other with their distinctive features.

Other than just the features, another big thing which works faster when attracting buyers is the low price, and if that low price is combined with top class features than sales are guaranteed. Having a 27 inch monitor screen is good enough if you want to carry out your daily office work and at the same time will also be suitable for entertainment time, which may include movies or gaming for kids.

Best 27 Inch Monitors Under 300


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Panel TypeResolutionResponse TimePortsVESA
Samsung S27E510CSVA1920 x 10804 msHDMI, VGA100mm
Dell SE2716HVA Curved1920 x 10806 ms2 x HDMI, VGANA
AOC C2783FQVA1920 x 10805 msHDMI, VGA, DVI, DPNA
Dell Professional P2717HIPS1920 x 10806 msDP, VGA100 mm
BenQ RL2755HMTN1920 x 10801 ms2 x HDMI, DVI-D, D-SubNA

Is 27 Inch Too Big?

Although the monitor size is personal preference, many generally find that 27 inch monitors are too big for their taste. They generally prefer 24 inch monitors or 23 inch monitors.

However, those who prefer comfort of view and want to enjoy bigger workspace will definitely find 27 inch monitor perfect for them. Things look bigger and are therefore much more comfortable to view.

Best 27 Inch Monitors Under 300

This review on monitor screens from brands like Samsung, DELL and BenQ will give you a clear idea as to which product stands where and then you will be able to make a better decision on your next purchase.

Samsung CF398 (C27F398)

Display: 24″, VA Panel, 1920×1080, 4 ms Response Time, 60Hz, 3000:1

Ports: HDMI, VGA

Price Scale: 2/10


This monitors offers a bunch of interesting features. The curved screen is definitely the standout feature of this monitor, the 1800R curvature gives an in depth view that makes every visual much more interesting to watch. The monitor is fit for both home and office use.

What’s more is the ultra slim design that is only 0.5 inch thick and adds to the appeal of the place wherever it gets situated. FreeSync allows the user to enjoy fast moving videos and visuals in the clearest display. Refresh rate and frame rate both combine to produce blur free results. A response time of 4ms is fast and also ideal for gamers to play their fast action games. Eye saver mode protects user from the harmful blue light that causes strain after continuous watching. Eco-saving feature makes sure that least amount of power is consumed by reducing brightness.

The response from customers was overwhelming as 87 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review. They were all impressed with the high performance, sleek and curved screen. VESA mount compatibility was another reason why it was so much favored by the users. Hardly any of them had a complaint regarding the function or design, so it was a good job by Samsung.

Dell SE2716H

Display: 27″ Curved, VA Panel, 1920×1080, 6 ms Response Time, 60Hz, 3000:1

Ports: 2xHDMI, VGA

Price Scale: 2.5/10



It is a large 27 inch curved screen that has built in IPS panel. The large size was good enough for an immersive view but the curved factor added more to the plate. It is not just the size, but DELL has made sure that the sound also complements it with the 9W speakers. The monitor is built with strong and good quality materials that will keep the monitor stable and make tilting easier than ever.

Since the screen is curved, there is less eye movement which eventually reduces the eye strain. Color contrast ratio of 3000:1 is great for even darker images and more blacks. Built in the monitor are two HDMI, audio, headphones and VGA ports to enhance the usage of it. DELL, like all other brands, keeps up with the eco standards and earns the energy star as well. The overall design is really thin and hardly takes up any desk space, thus making it perfect for any environment.

Customers liked that the picture quality and sound was better than a lot of other brands but there were some problems with the buttons which were not placed right and were even a little difficult to use. All in all, about 65 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


Display: 27″ Curved, VA Panel, 1920×1080, 5 ms Response Time, 60Hz, 3000:1


Price Scale: 2.5/10



AOC too has manufactured a curved 27 inch monitor at a price of just above two hundred bucks a bit. This curved monitor is sure to give you the perfect angles to watch movies or work side by side. Everyone will get the same visual irrespective of the fact where they might be sitting in the room. HDMI, VGA, Display, DVI and audio/ headphones ports are already built inside to ease the user. One of the best 27 inch monitors in terms of price point.

Display is not at all compromised and offers full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels along with a striking contrast ratio of 50,000,000:1. The wide viewing angle gives less and minimal eye strain, and becomes ideal for gamers to play on this monitor.

It further allows a 178 degree tilt both the ways. AOC got an over the top response, with about 80 percent of the users voting for it a full 5 star review. Be it the sturdy base, multiple ports or impressive display, everything was up to the mark. Only if AOC has included VESA compatibility then this would surely have been the market leader in this line.

Dell Professional P2717H

Display: 27″, VA Panel, 1920×1080, 6 ms Response Time, 60Hz, 3000:1

Ports: DP,VGA, USB 3.0

Price Scale: 3/10



This monitor is better fit for professional and office workers who work for continuous time periods and want a device that displays error free/blur free visuals without causing any sort of eye strain. For professional work, this is the best 27 inch monitors under 300. The monitor allows a lot of adjustment flexibility as the user can tilt, swivel or change the height according to his/her requirements.

There are multiple ports at the bottom so user will not have go out of the way to attach other devices. The monitor is definitely going to save on a lot of time and get desired results earlier than the rest. The response was such that about 60 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review. The monitor was pretty simple to set up and picture quality was amazing.

All the features that were being offered in such a low price, was more than enough people. Packaging too was very secure and is also recyclable. Many, who had bought this monitor after their previous purchases, said that it was much better than other bands like HP.

BenQ RL2755HM

Display: 27″, TN Panel, 1920×1080, 1 ms Response Time, 60Hz, 3000:1

Ports: D-Sub, 2xHDMI

Price Scale: 3/10



BenQ has been a famous brand when it comes to technology related products. That is especially true when it comes to gaming monitors.

The astounding response time of just 1ms is ideal for gamers to carry out their gaming smoothly without any disruptions. This is one of the best 27 inch monitors under 300 for gaming. Black eQualizer is a feature that is added to increase the visibility for those scenes which are in darker colors. There are fewer flickers and the blue light has been reduced to ensure that users don’t face any sort of eye strain, even after continuous usage. Speakers are built in and multiple ports are present, for instance the HDMI, VGA, headphone and DVI.

The color display is great and 20 levels of color vibrancy add on to the gaming experience. Gamers prefer different sizes of screens in certain game types and to suit that requirement, BenQ has introduced the option of changing screen sizes in 9 different options form 17 inch to 27 inch.

The response from customers was pretty satisfying. The setup took hardly any time and the stand was strong enough to give a stable support. Speakers were the only downside to the set up, other than that, 79 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.

Samsung 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

Display: 27″, PLS Panel, 1920×1080, 4 ms Response Time, 60Hz

Ports: HDMI, D-Sub

Price Scale: 2.5/10


Samsung has another stylish 27 inch screen at a decent price, which still falls in the affordability range. It has a PLS panel technology. Game mode favors the gamers and makes the display ideal for their gaming whereas the eye saver mode reduces eye strain and makes it easier for weak sighted users. A wide viewing angle of 178 degree provides same view from every place in the room. The overall look of the screen is very classy and elegant, making it suitable for almost any and every environment.

A T-shaped stand at the bottom gives the whole structure a good support. Eco saving plus feature reduces the screen brightness to a level where it is easily viewable by the user and also consumes less energy. Magic upscale feature further guarantees the sharp and clear image display without any blur. The reviews from customer were rather mixed.

They were satisfied with the crisp picture resolution, easy control for brightness, contrast and sharpness. Many of them compared its perfect display to those of much expensive products. The design overall was slim and space saving, so they were easily able to install it and the tilting angles further enhanced their view.

The problems which they faced were mainly with the absence of USB port and no HDMI cable. This came as a huge setback because connecting devices and external data is a must for everyone. All in all, about 57 percent of the users gave it a full 5 star review.


27 inch monitors under 300 have a lot to offer. You can expect to find different panel types, screen types and connectivity configuration. These monitors are mid range monitors some of which can be used for specialized task. For example, you can definitely find a 27 inch monitor under 300 that is specifically built for gaming.

Most of the monitor at this price range are conventional monitors that can be used for multimedia. The list in this article highlighted some of the best monitors in this category.

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