Are HDR Gaming Monitors Worth It? [Answered]

Written by | In group | Updated on June 4, 2022

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Are High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming monitors worth buying? It is a common known fact that technology is a forever evolving theory thus it never stops at one point and it keeps generating new and certainly improved gadgets or features that make our lives more easier.

Is An HDR Monitor Worth It?

Let us start with the HDR technology history, it first appeared in the photography department; its main aim was to display images with lighting that looks as realistic as possible.

You might wonder how would that work; HDR functions by boosting up the contrast between the light and dark areas throughout the time of enhancing the displayed colors of an image to make it seem closer to how your eyes would see its colors in real life.

The outcome will be the results of a life-like images that have vivid quality in details as well as the colors.

But as for the gaming department; HDR will offer a great refinement in your gameplay experience, possibly in some games better than some others. You will be the recipient of a display with a much more brighter image with higher contrast and rather highly colored quality with vibrant details in the shadows and highlights.

In consideration of the foregoing, there are some concerns when it comes to HDR and gaming; there is an absence of support and content when it comes to some games as there are not many PC games that support HDR, as well as the occurrence of some issues that appear in the process of toggling HDR mode on windows, you will need to work your way out by fidgeting with a lot of settings and drivers in order for it to work properly.

To receive the best experience possible, you should invest in an HDR gaming monitor that support either FreeSync 2 or G-Sync HDR in order to minimize the issues mentioned above.

In the market, you will be faced with five HDR standards that each one has a different formula which might end up confusing the user more and more.

The first standard is the Dolby Vision, it is the high colored representative as it uses dynamic metadata to improve color for each frame, unlike other standards which only provide static metadata.

Moving on to HDR10 and HDR10+; HDR10 is the most popular, it used by companies like Sony and Microsoft, it is easier to handle for both manufacturers and users. As for the HDR10+, it is an advanced level if the HDR10, it has an improved dynamic application of metadata.

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The fourth standard is a bit different, the HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) is best made for programmers and manufacturers which makes it the ultimate gem for the developers world. Last standard is the Advanced HDR, this standard is highly used for live productions and broadcasts along with many media extensions.

Final Words: Should You Buy an HDR Monitor for Gaming?

To polish this off, here is our final thoughts; we believe that maybe getting an HDR monitor for gaming might not be the greatest idea because there are some games that do not support the monitors’ content which will create a gap in the specifications.

Among other things, most gaming monitors do not offer the optimal HDR viewing experience seeing that they lack the proper hardware for it.

If you choose an HDR monitor for gaming, it will certainly be a major upgrade for better graphics, with that said note that HDR is not supported by TN technology panels.

You might need to consider what is more important to you in this case, a monitor with high-end graphic or a monitor that possesses a 1ms response time for a faster pixel display.

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